Friday, June 4, 2010

All Day Slim: Change Your Environment to Lose Weight

If you feel fatigued and, like most of us, find it taxing to summon the energy to work out, there's a good chance you'll benefit from AllDaySlim. The all-natural diet aid uses the thermogenic properties of Assam fruit to boost metabolism and give dieters more gusto all around.

A new study from Cornell University suggests it’s easier to lose and keep off extra weight if you make concrete changes in your environment. The study was conducted by Brian Wansink, director of the Cornell Food and Brand lab.

After studying a group of 200 people trying to lose weight, researchers found that people who made changes in their surroundings and habits lost one to two pounds per month.

These changes included using smaller plates, relocating a candy bowl, or rearranging kitchen cupboards. Other environment alterations, like not using the computer or television during meal time, and keeping unhealthy foods out of sight, may be helpful in keeping weight down, according to

So switch up your routine! Avoid snacking pitfalls and take a supplement like AllDaySlim every day of the week. The extra energy boost will help you rework your own lifestyle and get you down to your ideal weight.

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