Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stay Slim and Still Enjoy Summer Barbecues

When temperatures start to rise, people like to whip out the old grill and barbecue their favorite all-American delights like hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken wings. This year, why not try a supplement like All Day Slim so you can enjoy potato salad and ice cream without feeling guilty? The active ingredient in All Day Slim is Assam fruit, which has the power to increase metabolism while targeting stubborn belly fat.

There are some healthy aspects of summer barbecue food. For instance, some common barbecue sauces and marinades contain spices that are major sources of antioxidants.

A recent study by the University of Western Ontario found that ingredients like jerk sauce, garlic and herb, honey garlic and roasted red pepper, often found at most barbecues, can help remove harmful free radicals from the body.

Even though its good to substitute carb-heavy toppings for healthier sauces and herbs, those watching their waistlines might want to stay on track with a supplement like All Day Slim, which helps turn carbs into energy, rather than fat. With this supplement, you not only look amazing, but feel energized for all your summer barbecues without worrying about packing on the weight. Summer is a time for sunning and surfing, why not look good doing it? So go ahead grill those burgers, pop in a Slim, and get to thinning!

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