Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All Day Slim: All Natural, All the Time

When it comes to doing things naturally, everyone wants their slice of the pie. Whether it be gardening, cleaning, or eating, doing things organically is a method most people are mindful about. So when it comes to dieting, it’s not surprising that a large majority are willing to cut out synthetic products and replace them with all-natural, organic substitutes.

Luckily when it comes to losing weight, Leptisol, the pharmaceutical name for All Day Slim, makes it easier to accomplish the natural way. Many products today have dizzying side effects, producing little to no results with obscure ingredients. Or, they have caffeine, a stimulant that increases blood pressure and heart rate. For instance, products like Thermolean and SlimQuick have between 250mg-285mg of caffeine, equivalent to about 2 cups of coffee. All Day Slim has no caffeine, and after extensive trials involving both males and females, participants claimed an increase in energy, rejuvenating them without the shaky, jittery feeling they got from caffeine.

All Day Slim’s ingredients are in large part why the supplement is so effective. Its most important ingredient, Assam fruit extract, is what comprises a large part of the supplement. It has important citric acids that the body needs like malic acid, which keep your body functioning properly and from feeling fatigued. It has the power to convert carbohydrates and stored fat into energy, giving a boost to your metabolism as well as charging your day with energy. A strong rejuvenative, Assam fruit has been used to suppress appetite and lower cholesterol in eastern medicine for centuries.

Among its many natural ingredients, All Day Slim also contains D-limonene. D-limonene is natural extract from the rind of oranges, and has been known to have several health benefits including the treatment of heartburn and the prevention of cancer. While studies are still pending as to whether or not D-limonene can treat cancer, the acids that comprise it are known to have tumor-inhibiting capabilities.

In addition, D-limonene’s affect on heartburn patients is astounding. When the sphincter muscle at the bottom of the esophagus doesn’t shut properly after swallowing, a reflux of stomach acid gets refluxed into the lining of the esophagus, causing its delicate tissues to be compromised. In other words, heartburn. What D-limonene does for a great deal of heartburn patients is coat the esophagus, floating to the surface of gastric juices because it’s lighter than water. In an article from The Dirt Doctor, a site about organic living, a chemist from Texas suffered nearly every day for years with heartburn, and after taking a 1000mg pill of D-limonene every other day for 20 days, D-limonene eradicated his heart burn for up to six months.

As if orange peel and Assam Fruit extract weren’t beneficial enough, All Day Slim also contains the lipid material Lecithin, which is produced within us, and can be consumed in grains, fish, legumes, yeast, peanuts, yolk, and soy beans. A gatekeeper, so to speak, to our cells by regulating nutrients coming and going, Lecithin ensures that fat and cholesterol continue to be solvent in the bloodstream to prevent it from attaching to arterial walls, thus preventing clogging in the cardiovascular system. If you’re not getting a well balanced diet, the body needs an estimated amount of 50mg of Lecithin to ensure proper body function.

The all-natural ingredients in All Day Slim offer a propitious path to a life of health and wellness. With reported mood improvement and noticeable changes in the thighs and waist, participants in All Day Slim trials have had only positive responses to the supplement. And with only natural ingredients, it was to be expected. The answer to healthy living, All Day Slim gives you the brawn to realize your weight loss potential in the most natural way possible.

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