Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quit Smoking for a Smoking Body!

Substituting food for cigarettes in an attempt to lose weight is a fool's logic. Maybe you'll shed a few pounds, given smoking's ability to curb appetite and up your metabolic rate, but internally, the body suffers. Food doesn't get digested properly, and alternatively, you could still lose just as much weight by not smoking.

It's true, smoking is well known to be an incredible appetite suppressant. It's been known to burn up to 200 calories a day in smokers versus non. But at what price? Studies shown at show that people who smoke 20 cigarettes a day or more will have some degree of emphysema, irreversible damage on the lungs. Irreversible. Nothing irreversible in life is good. Unless you're on the path to healthy change. That's something to move forward with!

All Day Slim is the first stepping stone to change. It isn't easy to break the habit of smoking and eating what you want, when you want, but those habits will eventually break us. And summer's already here! There's no time like the present. Packed with 100% natural ingredients, including assam fruit extract and d-limonene orange peel, All Day Slim is a pre-meal supplement that works its way through your system, turning off fat storage when it's time to sit down to a good meal. Instead, it turns the fat you consume into energy, and it keeps you feeling full longer than a puny cinder-stick.

So butt that drag, and turn heads the right way.

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