Push Thursdays

Because everybody needs a little push.

It's Push Thursday! What extra push are you giving yourself this week?

Being healthy is a lifestyle, you've heard it over and over, so why are you still looking for quick, easy fixes? In order to stay consistent with your weight loss, you need push yourself to make healthy choices every day. That's why every Thursday, us slimmers here at All Day Slim are going to provide you with little tid bits of info that will give you the extra push you need to get that weight off forever!

Joy Bauer, registered dietitian and health expert for the Today show says in order to prevail is to search out some enduring or significant source of inspiration to keep the pounds off. Once you've reached your goal weight, that healthy source of inspiration needs to stay firmly rooted inside you to keep you looking and feeling healthy all your life.

What's your healthy source of inspiration? The team and I here at All Day Slim compiled a few sources of inspiration for us to help us reach our goal weight: upcoming weddings and vacations, beach days, cute clearance rack items that only come in small sizes, but most of all, for ourselves, for the peace of mind in knowing we're working hard to be healthy.

All Day Slim can help with cravings, portion control, and appetite suppression. What makes All Day Slim completely unique from all the other diet fads out there is that it's made from a very unique fruit in Malaysia called Assam Fruit. The people of Malaysia have been using the fruit for hundreds of years to burn off excess fat and convert fat to energy. Used to add zest to meals and soups, assam fruit has been encapsulated for the first time in All Day Slim.

Knowing a supplement is completely natural for you, and beneficial in all sorts of powerful ways is a great way to ignite that fire inside you. Use All Day Slim as that small push to get you slimming in the right direction, and to ensure you never lose sight of those long and short-term goals, however far off they may seem. All Day Slim keeps you healthy, calm, and alert through those energy dips and dives we dread the most. Even if you're the kind that may be a bit hesitant about taking supplements, All Day Slim is the polar opposite of any fad diet pill that's going to pump you full of caffeine and break you out in a cold sweat. It's an all-natural supplement, and it's time you gave it a try.

From us to you, consider this your little push.

What did you do to push yourself this week?

Push Thursday 7/15/2010
Push Thursday 7/22/2010


  1. I'm going to push myself by working out at least once this weekend. I usually slack off on the weekends, but it's time to start getting serious! Thanks for the motivational tid bit! :)

  2. I'm going to push myself to steer clear of those calorie-packed margaritas this weekend! :)

  3. I've pushed myself so many times and I'm tired :( No energy! Maybe next Thursday :/


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