Tuesday, September 14, 2010

AllDaySlim Teams up with Bloggers, DietReviews.com, and More!

After spending hours and hours searching high and low, reaching out to dozens of bloggers who have been rather unwilling to do a review, mention, or feature on AllDaySlim, we've stumbled upon a wonderful site called TheProductReviewPlace.com. This site is the point where marketer meets blogger, blogger meets product, and both blogger and product meet traffic, equaling happy parties all around. The site has all sorts of unique groups and places to convene, like a chat room, a forum, and a status area. You can even give "gifts" to bloggers when it's their birthday. I can't rave about the site enough, and because of its existence, the AllDaySlim team has taken on over 20 bloggers to write a review of AllDaySlim! We're all so very excited, and can't wait to spread the word!

Additionally, we also got AllDaySlim featured on the exclusive diet website DietsinReview.com, which gives great reviews of diet books, diets, and recipes.

As far as site revamp goes, it's taking a bit longer than we thought, and it's now been pushed back again until next week. Fortunately though, it's because we are trying to perfect it to a T!

As if all of this weren't great enough, we were also able to get the Long Island Family Health Examiner from Examiner.com to post a feature article on AllDaySlim, which you can find here. We have two other Examiners willing to post articles as well, Heidi and Nadia, both of whom are willing to post within the next few weeks, so subscribe to their health articles in the meantime!

As a sneak peek for what's to come, here are the first ten bloggers signed up to do their reviews. Dates are still a bit unsure, as we are still prepping samples, but they should be shipping out this week, and I'll post the dates of the reviews as I get them!

In the meantime, check out their sites. Most of them are always giving away cool stuff!



  1. Hi! I'm your newest follower from TPRP. I can't wait to review AllDaySlim when I'm done breastfeeding! Thanks for the awesome opportunity.

  2. Thanks for the follow! Definitely, let me know! :)

  3. Thanks for the tip about TheProductReviewPlace.com . I will check them out. Did you find they were able to effectively target reviewers that best resembled your target market?

  4. No problem! As far as targeting reviewers in your market, they have a section where you can submit your pitch and categorize it. Although they also have a group you can join to send out your pitch, and I got a great number of responses. Some of them may or may not be in the category you're targeting, but the responses were so overwhelming you sort of have a wide variety of bloggers to pick and choose from.

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