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Push Thursday: The Truth Behind All Day Slim Ingredients

Over the past few Thursdays we've been focusing on tips and motivation to help us reach our weight loss goals and inspire healthy change. This Thursday, to push you even further, we're going to take the time go into All Day Slim a bit more, so you get a better idea of what the product is all about. The AllDaySlim team has put out dozens of articles concerning the ingredients in All Day Slim all over the net, but we decided it would be easier to narrow it all down to one convenient place: the blog!

Assam Fruit Extract:The core ingredient is the extract from Asam Gelugor, a fruit that grows 7-10cm in diameter on the twigs of the Gelugor tree and contains tartaric and citric acid. Both acids exhibit antioxidant and antibacterial activity, eliminating free radicals in the body.

What’s more, each part of the fruit contains a separate inhibitor against bacteria, promoting health and wellness in the body. For instance, the leaves of the fruit show more antioxidant activity than the prevailing antioxidant in most antioxidant-rich foods, alpha-tocopherol. Also, the extract from the root of the fruit exhibits the strongest amount of resistance to harmful bacteria.

Lecithin:As if Assam Fruit extract weren’t beneficial enough, AllDaySlim also contains the lipid material Lecithin, which is produced within us, and can be consumed in grains, fish, legumes, yeast, peanuts, yolk, and soy beans. A gatekeeper, so to speak, to our cells by regulating nutrients coming and going, Lecithin ensures that fat and cholesterol continue to be solvent in the bloodstream to prevent it from attaching to arterial walls, thus preventing clogging in the cardiovascular system. If you’re not getting a well balanced diet, the body needs an estimated amount of 50mg of Lecithin to ensure proper body function.

Orange Peel (D-limonene): D-limonene is natural extract from the rind of oranges, and has been known to have several health benefits including the treatment of heartburn and the prevention of cancer. While studies are still pending as to whether or not D-limonene can treat cancer, the acids that comprise it are known to have tumor-inhibiting capabilities.

In addition, D-limonene’s affect on heartburn patients is astounding. When the sphincter muscle at the bottom of the esophagus doesn’t shut properly after swallowing, a reflux of stomach acid gets refluxed into the lining of the esophagus, causing its delicate tissues to be compromised. In other words, heartburn. What D-limonene does for a great deal of heartburn patients is coat the esophagus, floating to the surface of gastric juices because it’s lighter than water. In an article from The Dirt Doctor, a site about organic living, a chemist from Texas suffered nearly every day for years with heartburn, and after taking a 1000mg pill of D-limonene every other day for 20 days, D-limonene eradicated his heart burn for up to six months.

So there you have it. Find out for yourself how many inches off your waist you can lose, and how little you'll want to eat come mealtime. How far are you willing to go to lose weight? How hard are you willing to push?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Daily Fit Cartoon

Today's Fit Cartoon was brought to you by Randy Glasbergen.

Wouldn't we all love to blame the pizza delivery boy for our waistline worries?

Tea with All Day Slim for Health Weight Loss

We all know the importance of cutting out sugary beverages and "empty" calories to stay healthy, but what should we drink instead? Do we have to cut out our favorite drinks?

In moderation, soda isn’t the worst thing. If you find soda hard to resist while cutting back, a supplement like All Day Slim can help you stay on track. All Day Slim has the power to turn carbohydrates into energy, rather than fat, which can help you feel less guilty about the foods and drinks you love.

Keeping an eye on your sugar intake, however, is certainly a good habit to have, and substituting sugary sodas for tea has its perks. The revitalizing effects of tea have been recognized for centuries in countries like Japan, China, and India. Yerba Mate tea supports weight loss, and is also a tasty, calorie-free drink that can be fun to make. Traditionally, the Sheboygan Press reports, the tea is prepared in a special gourd, a hard-shelled fruit, into which straws are inserted for drinkers to share.

In turn, making healthy beverage choices is a great way to get rapid results. Also, complimenting a healthy diet with a supplement like All Day Slim is the easiest way to ensure you don’t lose that drive to stay healthy. And it’s easy to stay on track given the benefits of its most active ingredient, Assam fruit. Used for centuries in eastern medicine as an appetite suppressant, Assam is packed to the brim with antioxidants and healthy citric acids, a fruit that works to keep you healthy all your life. Why not start now?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

13 Perplexing but Proven Ways to Help Shed the Pounds

Laughing a little more, standing straighter, and getting more sleep have all been widely regarded as small but instrumental changes that can assist with the ever-long pound shed. Well, it's true. Minor changes in the places we eat, the time, and the amount go a long way. Adapted from Men's Health July issue, here are 13 proven but perplexing little things you can do to add a little zing to your diet. You've been working out and eating the same things over and over for how long now? Spruce up your routine a bit!

1. Spinach over lettuce: In the war between spinach and lettuce, spinach wins hands down in nutritional content. It has potassium, iron, and best of all, fiber, which helps process fat better. So while it lacks the crunchiness of lettuce, substitute it in your salads and sandwiches once in awhile. Your body craves the good!

2. Goat cheese over regular: Goat cheese has more protein than regular cheese, and also 40% less calories.
3. Blue tortilla chips over regular: Science Daily reports that colored flatbreads are healthier because they have less starch and lower glycemic index, which is healthier because they release sugar slower in the bloodstream. Not to mention, they've got 20% more protein.
4. Eat more tomatoes: Tomatoes suppress the hormone ghrelin, which causes hunger pangs. They keep you feeling fuller longer, so you won't have those post-meal cravings!
5. Eat red peppers: Low in calories, full of vitamin A and C, red peppers contain the chemical capsaicin, which has the ability to boost your resting metabolic rate by 25 percent.
6. Sprinkle in some cinnamon: Cinnamon is packed with antioxidants, sprinkle it in your oatmeal or low-fat cup of yogurt. It also has the power to boost your metabolism, and lessens the impact on your blood sugar levels if sprinkled on a high carb meal.

7. A good strong laugh: The rumor is true. Laughing for 10-15 minutes a day, and I mean a good, strong, hearty laugh, increases your energy consumption per week by about 280 calories.
8. Drink carrot juice: A rich source of vitamin A, carrot juice is good for the eyes, skin, and also has anti-carcinogen properties. Also, they can be blended up for a breakfast smoothie with strawberries and bananas to maximize flavor. Carrots have natural magnesium to decrease bad cholesterol, and nicotine acid which helps metabolize fats and lipids.
9. Classical music: Try it out. Tune in to the classical FM station while you're eating. It'll not only help relax you, but helps you chew at a more leisurely pace, and consume less because the music helps you become more in tune with your body.
10. Sit at the table: When you sit down to a meal, enjoy it. Studies show that your more likely to overeat when you're on the go than when you're sitting down enjoying your food, because you're less likely to pay attention to your stomach signaling that you're full.
11. Olive oil over dressing: Substitute that light Italian dressing with some good ole fashion olive oil. They are full of good fatty acids that help lower bad cholesterol, and also trigger a protein in the body that tells it it's full.
12. Eat pomegranates: Not only do they contain antioxidants, but the oil from their seeds reduces your body's ability to store fat.
13. The apple: Eating an apple fifteen minutes before you scarf will help you consume up to 190 less calories during your meal because the fiber will help you feel full.

So will these weight loss tips help you banish fat in 2 days? Of course not. Because being healthy is a lifelong commitment, and it doesn't hurt to sprinkle in a little healthy change.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Pear-Shaped Women More Likely to Lose Memory

The more weight a woman carries around her hips, the more likely her memory is to worsen as she ages, at least that's what the folks over at Northwestern Medicine are saying, according to a recent study. After conducting a study of 8,745 women between the ages of 65-79, researchers found a link between brain function and increased BMI.

The study was part of the Women's Health Initiative hormone trials and is the first to establish a possible connection between poorer memory and a specific area of fat on the body.

Diana Kerwin M.D, a physician at Northwestern Medicine says, "The message is obesity and a higher Body Mass Index are not good for your cognition and your memory. While the women's scores were still in the normal range, the added weight definitely had a detrimental affect."

Memory loss was proven to show up worse for pear-shaped women versus apple shaped women because of where the fat was stored. Obesity is bad regardless, but apparently it has detrimental cognitive affects depending on where it's located.

The researchers drew this conclusion based upon the release of cytokines, hormones that get dispersed by fats in the body, producing inflammation and ultimately affecting cognitive thinking. Because different kinds of fat releases different cytokines, which have varying effects on blood pressure, the trick is figuring out which type of fat is more destructive.

"We need to find out if one kind of fat is more detrimental than the other, and how it affects brain function,” Kerwin continues. It sounds a bit far fetched, but when you consider the cause of Alzheimer's, the build up of plaques and restricted blood flow to the brain, researchers might be on to something.

But don't let all this pear-shaped memory-loss talk get you down. You're on the road to healthy change with All Day Slim, what else is there to remember?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Distractions to Prevent Over-Eating with All Day Slim: Push Thursday 7/15/2010

It's time for that Push again! We all know dieting is a pain in the rear, and that's why this week's Push Thursday is going to focus on how we can keep on pushing, despite the ever present cravings, boredom, and depression that time and time again cause us to overeat. Here is a great list of distractions to keep you from reaching into that pantry for those peanut butter cookies, and to keep on persevering!

1. Take a warm bath: Hot water is soothing for the mind and body. Light some candles, throw in some bath bubbles, and turn on some soft music, it'll keep the cravings at bay.

2. Take a walk: Just a small, twenty minute one. A little air will get you out of the house and further from the fridge. And you'll burn some calories!

3. Keep a journal: Journals aren't for everyone, but diet journals are suggested by most physical trainers. Look over what you've eaten for the day. Do you really need to eat more? Count your successes for the day, it'll keep you motivated.

4. Treat yourself with a gift: Hit the mall, pick out a cute outfit you might not be able to wear until you've lost that last 5 lbs!

5. Browse the bookstore or library: My personal favorite. Pick up a bestseller and camp out on a park bench. Get lost in the world of fiction!

6. Brush your teeth: It sounds a little off-base, but a little teeth brushing goes a long way. It leaves you with that clean, minty feeling, and mint never tastes good with anything salty or sweet.

7. Drink water: Drink two tall glasses of water, it'll leave you feeling fuller, and it's good for you.

8. Get organized: Organize or rearrange your room. It's time for change anyway right? Color coordinate your closet. Get rid of old clothes and throw away old bank statements. Make way for healthy change!

9. Go to the movies: While a movie theater might seem like a junk-food hub, sitting in the dark for 2 hours with a giant water bottle, or small, healthy snack really keeps the cravings at bay. While it may seem hard in the beginning, shortly after the movie starts, it'll be the last thing on your mind.

10. Get lost in meditation: Visualize all of the beauty in the world!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stop Subway!

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David Zinczenko, author of famed nutrition guide Eat This, Not That, busts Subway for having more high fructose corn syrup in its bread ingredients than it's letting on. Read the full article, and click above to join the petition and take action!
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Thinspirational Diet Books to Supplement Your Supplements

Diet supplements often take time to see real results, as with anything. We can't afford to splurge on unhealthy eats because there's a good chance they'll prolong our progress. Joy Bauer, health expert on the Today show, says that one of the main reasons diets fail is because of lack of commitment. "Weight loss is at least 50% attitude. If you're not truly ready to make a full-time commitment to losing weight, chances of long-term success are pretty slim."

Slim. That's the idea. In order to get there, we need constant motivation and easily attainable resources that will help us reach our goals. Aside from the internet, your best resource to find motivation is simply buying a book. It's summer after all, and reading should be at least in the middle of your priority list. You're going to be at the beach flaunting that newly shredded body, after all right? And Kindle's don't do well in the sun.

Here are some of the top thinsperational books out there, or "skinny reads" as Shape magazine so aptly puts them. listed by popular sites like Diets in Review, Shape, and Basil and Spice. Fully loaded with easy recipes, tips, tricks, and treats, the books listed below will help you along as you carve out a niche for yourself in the slim world with All Day Slim. I was very careful to choose only those books that target issues people identify with the most: fad-diet failures, food lovers that have trouble restricting, dieters with a loss of motivation, and all the rest who've tried everything and just outright quit.

Thin for Life by Anne M. Fletcher, MS, RD: This book is best suited for the fad-diet failure. We all know how disappointing it is to buy a product that promises a quick fix and ends in regain. Which is why Fletcher has included in her book stories of 160 different men and women who've lost 20 pounds or more and kept the weight off for at least three years. How much more inspiring is it to lose weight than by hearing about the success of the very people who've accomplished it? In addition to their stories, each person includes their favorite recipe, one they've concocted that stands as both a delicious treat and a healthy choice. So not only will you have 160 weight-loss tools of the trade, but recipes to go with them!

Eat, Shrink, and Be Merry by Janet and Greta Podleski: This one's for depressed food lovers. And when I say depressed, I mean there are a lot of laughs to be had in this cook book. I laughed aloud reading the review, it's that good. Whimsical cartoons and mind-tickling monikers are used to describe each dish, like "Soprawnos" and "Wise Guy Pizza Pie". Also the book is divided into categories like the "Ex Files", a section dedicated to exercise. What helps is that the ingredients for each recipe can be bought at any grocery store, and there's a ton of information to help people who are uncertain of how many carbs each meal should have, or if they're getting an adequate amount of protein.

American Dietetic Association's Complete Food and Nutrition Guide by Roberta Larson Duyff: Now that you've got your motivational stories and your handy recipes, you'll need a little something to reference. The Complete Food and Nutrition guide is penned by the American Dietetic Association, and is a great source of reliable information on how to embrace and maintain optimum health. The book is a great resource for beginners, as it contains scientific information regarding what types of nutrients to include in your diet plans as you embark on your path to weight loss. The guide also provides sound advice on diet myths, strategies to prevent disease, and diet supplements.

Eat This, Not That by David Zinczenko: Editor-in-Chief for Men's Health magazine, Zinczenko has compiled a 320-page list of healthy substitutions for those who eat out more than they eat in. If you're looking to shed some pounds but simply can't resist the urge to eat out, this would be a handy tool to have around. The editor hasn't stopped at writing books though. Read what he had to say about Subway bread, and why people are actually voting to ban high fructose corn syrup from their ingredients!

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Cure Moody Mondays with All Day Slim

The weekend was no doubt an event frenzy, with movies like Despicable Me attracting millions to the theatres, books like The Passage by Justin Cronin scaring the pants off people like Stephen King, while fans from all over the world bit their fingernails in a frenzy watching the World Cup Finals. But now that Monday's here, and you're back to the everyday grind, but try not to have a bout of the Mondays. It's time to get back on track with the healthy changes you're making with All Day Slim.

Portion Control
All Day Slim, the pharmaceutical name of which is Leptisol, keeps you feeling sated after small meals, and even diminishes the very thought of getting up for seconds. With extract derived from Assam Fruit, All Day Slim leaves you satisfied with the portion you've consumed, and recharged enough to tackle whatever the day throws at you.

Less Caffeine Dependency

Coffee is my lifeline, the strong, aromatic kick keeps me bobbing above the surface when I'm ready to go under. So naturally, it comes with side affects. The come-down is the worst, especially when you've had it on an empty stomach. A healthy substitute? Do you even need me to say it? All Day Slim caters to the needs of caffeine drinkers, providing us with the calm, sustained energy to power through the 2pm crash hour. All Day Slim has no caffeine, but generates a similar, more tranquil high.

Better Sleep
You won't have a caffeine crash with All Day Slim, but you will indeed crash. Feedback from women and men who initially participated in the early trials of All Day Slim reported to have slept better, and felt more rejuvenated when they woke. With all the good workouts your infusing your week with, you'll want to sleep the whole night through to maintain the motivation and energy to stick to those fitness goals!

Miracles happen over time, not over night, so don't get discouraged if you went a little crazy with the appetizers this weekend. If we don't do the things we enjoy once in awhile, we're not living right. And if you've got your All Day Slim bottle handy, you won't have a thing to worry about.

So approach this day with a light heart, and an open mind. It's your little red wagon, after all, and you've got to pull it!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Consider the Orange Peel: What are the Benefits of D-Limonene?

D-Limonene is an active ingredient in All Day Slim. Keep yourself updated on the remarkable benefits!

Consider the Orange Peel: What are the Benefits of D-Limonene?

All Day Slim: Are You Ready to Look Hot for Summer Weddings?

You're bound to receive one or two wedding invites this summer from friends and family, and it's time to get you looking fab. Even if you have to wear a bright fuchsia bridesmaid's dress, you can still feel sexy if you've been cutting back, keeping your All Day Slim bottle handy to keep you on track for the big day.

Assam fruit, the leading ingredient in All Day Slim, has the power to kick-start your metabolism, making it easier to lose weight quickly. It has thermogenic properties, which heat up the body so it can burn fat, turning off fat storage and turning on fat burning.

With a busy schedule though, it’s hard to reach that goal weight in time for the big day. Usually after a long day of work, the first thing that comes to mind is a comfy chair and wide glass of wine. But with the energy gleaned from All Day Slim, however, you'll feel more than able to get through a full day of work and still make it to the gym. What helps are the unique, all-natural ingredients in All Day Slim, d-limonene, an oily extract from the rinds of oranges, and lecithin, which keeps fat and cholesterol from sticking to our arterial walls. And who wouldn't want an unclogged, free-flowing cardiovascular system?

If you need to lose weight in time for a wedding, All Day Slim can help. Taken twice a day, twenty minutes before lunch and dinner, your energy will be through the roof, leaving you with just the right amount of motivation to get in shape, and stay there. Bring on the bright fuchsia!
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