Friday, May 21, 2010

Jalapenos and All Day Slim: Your Ticket to Weight Loss

Looking to lose weight? It’s time to spice up your meals. According to the LA Times, a study conducted at the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition found that spicy foods may be a key to boosting metabolism. Also, a weight-loss supplement like All Day Slim is chief in helping you along this weight-loss venture, slimming you down quickly. The active ingredient in the supplement is Assam fruit, a remarkable ingredient with the fast-acting power to turn carbs into energy, leaving you with a seemingly everlasting boost.

But how do spicy foods enhance your metabolism? If the scientists' hypothesis is correct, adding mild peppers to your diet might be one simple and delicious technique. The UCLA study shows that the chemical capsaicin, found in many hot peppers like jalapenos, raises body temperature.

If you love spicy foods and want to trim down your figure, feel free to add spicy peppers to any meal. Increased energy is essential to losing weight. A high-spice diet along with useful supplements like All Day Slim could be your ticket to weight-loss.

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