Friday, May 28, 2010

All Day Slim: Have Healthy Margaritas this Memorial Day!

Everyone loves to celebrate the long weekend with delicious margaritas. With a supplement like All Day Slim, a few drinks with the girls won't ruin your weight loss plan. All Day Slim contains the active ingredient Assam fruit extract, which has a thermogenic effect on the body. It will boost your metabolism and ensure that little treats won't compromise your waistline.

Be advised, however, that margarita mix is full of empty calories. This memorial weekend, supercharge your drinks with the addition of some awesome antioxidants - blueberries!

A recent article on the blog showed that blueberries can replace store-bought drink mixes as a healthy alternative. Freeze the berries prior to making your drinks, and throw them in a blender with sugar-free limeade and tequila, unless making virgin cocktails. The drinks provide a vitamin C-packed juicy treat and you can put the calories you saved towards some tasty snacks like nachos or tacos.

Some people may find that they overindulge on holiday weekends, but with All Day Slim, you don't have to worry about slip-ups! The supplement helps burn carbohydrates as energy, instead of storing them as fat, so after the holiday, All Day Slim will get you back on track in no time!

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